Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Bindweed garden. Nuff said.

So this is the Bindweed Garden at the end of the season. The pumpkin patch planted to suppress the Bindweed was a dismal failure. The Bindweed was laughing at me behind my back. What actually happened was the Bindweed twirled around the pumpkin vines and made it's way into the squash area before I even knew it was happening. I ripped out the pumpkins and pulled back the Bindweed from the squashes. Jeez. It really is the weed from hell. Bleach seemed to have the best result so far. This week I am noticing that it is now fading as its getting cooler. I guess the battle will resume in the spring.



Gardeningbren said...

It just makes me sad (( Try and at least remove any of the green and dispose of it.

Erin said...

Hi Brenda. I found that by pulling it it was spreading fast. So I let it grow out to see what I have. Using bleach has got rid of some. I have a special bucket I use for bindweed only and it goes into the garbage not green recycle or anywhere it could get into someone else's garden. I have written to the ministry and they said the only sure way is to use a chemical, that is so toxic you can't use the land for eight years. It is available to anyone but professionals. I think not.

Caro said...

Hi Erin, sorry to read that you have this problem. Obviously you won't want to use any chemicals and bindweed is a plant that can grow from even the tiniest piece left behind. The roots generally go very deep but you can try to control it by hoeing off any shoots that come through and cutting longer pieces back carefully. It's one of those plants that have been bothering gardeners for ever - my bugbear is horsetail which grows up through all my planting, spreading in from the railway line which is yards away! I wish you luck with this problem - perseverance is key! Caro x