Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Meyer Lemons

This was the latest batch of Meyer Lemons from my tree. They have now been juiced, frozen in ice cube trays and bagged in the freezer. I think I finally figured out why the leaves on the lemon and lime trees have been so yellow. I will do a post about it shortly.


George said...

My tree is just barely hanging on, the leaves are yellowed and most are gone. Please tell me your theory. Thanks, George

Erin said...

Hi George!! Here's what happened with mine. I put it in a large pot when I got it as it was a good sized tree, the first year it was gorgeous. Then...it started turning almost white. I found out it had tiny spider mites. See this post for pictures. http://www.erinmiddlebrooks.com/2014/05/meyer-lemon-update.html So I put a misting nozzle on the hose and blasted the leaves, especially the underside. It only took a month or so until I saw very few. And I started fertilizing like mad. The leaves turned a pale green but never got deep green. The next year it was turning so yellow I thought it was going to die. A few weeks ago I took a good look at both the lemon and lime and noticed how large the top was compared to the pot size. The top was about 4+ maybe five feet across. Light bulb!!! I took off the few lemons and pruned it back hard. Really hard. The trees are about two feet across at the top. Mine are trees with a trunk, so I made the giant head about two feet in total. George they are COVERED with hundreds of new leaf shoots everywhere and a nice green. So I am going to fertilize on the weekend and take photos for a post. I will keep this updated.