Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Citrus mystery solved

You may remember that the Meyer Lemon has had a rough go of it for several years. Always very pale to almost white at times. Here is a reminder.

So this year with all of the citrus looking pale and yellow, I figured it out. When I originally got the lemon, I transplanted it. It grew like crazy, looked amazing and produced lots of lemons. It was so much fun. I developed a problem with spider mites. The trees never seemed to recover. So this spring, I went to the greenhouse and was admiring the citrus when it hit me. The pots are about three feet across, but the tree tops were about five feet across. There was not nearly enough root for the tops. I got my pruners and drastically pruned it back. To a size that was a bit smaller than the pot width. They are now dark green, growing like crazy and flowering. So that took me about, what, five years to figure out.

Meyer Lemon

This is the Owari Satsuma Orange. It was not cut back. Next spring for sure.

Bearrs Lime


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