Monday, September 19, 2016

We have a Citrus House!!!!

How cute is this!? Tree planted, fed, pruned and watered.
Today is a red letter day. I am so happy. After dreaming of my citrus trees being planted in the soil inside a greenhouse, the first tree is the the greenhouse. Thank you Allan and Noel. I drew the circle where the hole had to be dug and they did the rest. {tennis elbow} I put Gaia Green under the root ball and they snugged manure and soil around it. It is still in clay though, so I will work at adding to the organic matter content.

The Meyer Lemon Tree with our hole measuring stick.

The hole partially dug. It took a shovel and a pry bar.

Meyer Lemon planted and being watered.

A different angle. Before it was pruned so it looks a bit lopsided.

Beamer the Garden Cat is always near by.


Jenny said...

I just hopped over from Mavis' blog to see your green house...beautiful! What zone/area do you garden in?

Erin said...

Hi Jenny. Isn't Mavis' blog the best. I love her!! Did you see her old post where she was in the garden in a floor length gown?

I live in Sidney BC. It is Zone 9a. We are below the 49th Parallel, so our weather is the same as part of Washington state. We have led in this house since 1979 but really just started gardening in earnest two years ago!!

leslie said...

Also coming over from Mavis' blog. Good luck to your lemon! Love the idea of a citrus house. Great idea.

Erin said...

Isn't it fun!!! I LOVE citrus trees. You should smell it in there in the winter. And in February I get enough lemons to juice and freeze in ice cube trays to supply me with fresh, organic lemon juice for the year.