Friday, June 23, 2017

How odd is this cats behaviour? Meet MJ, Garden Cat in training.


As you know I lost my garden cat Beamer a few weeks ago. I miss him terribly. He had a beautiful little spirit. Then...almost immediately I noticed a little black cat that we had nicknamed MJ, following me around the garden. Within a couple days, she was rubbing against my legs. {But no petting or she will "cut you"} Now she is with me pretty much every time I am in the garden, following me and rolling in wood chips and loving the sun. She will go in and lie on the warm greenhouse floor and sleep...just like Beamer did. It is so weird I almost feel like Beamer is telling her what to do. She has been around for a few months but seemed very feral and scared. I did not know if she was homeless or being fed? Her fur was too long to tell if she was emaciated, so of course, we fed her just in case. We call her MJ which is short for Mini Jordan after our larger black cat. So everyone, meet MJ.

I did figure out that she actually has an owner so she is fed and cared for, but she is feral. They couldn't figure out why she wasn't eating as much lately. Oops.

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