Friday, September 02, 2011

Played hooky, picked blackberries, ate goat cheese and fig preserves and got reacquainted with a dear old friend

Meyer's Lemon
Today I had two objectives. Go to Melinda's to pick up a huge pot to put a Meyers Lemon in. And to have lunch with my sister. It actually shook down like this. My sister Jess came to the store and we had lunch together. Then I headed over to Melinda's to pick up the huge pot. On the kitchen counter she had a loaf of French Bread. She offered me bread with goat cheese and topped with her fig preserves. OMG. It has been a week of delicious food experiences. It was so good. She then gifted me a jar of her raspberry and lavender jam. Melinda doesn't use pectin. I am going to try that. Then we went for a walk with two containers to pick blackberries as we walked. It is such a great blackberry year in this area. We found some ripe rose hips too. It was a beautiful walk with a beautiful friend. At the end, she gave me all the blackberries. So generous. I will try the no pectin way of making jam!! When we returned to Melinda's house, she made a pot of tea for us. She had some local honey for my tea. Yum again.
As I was preparing to leave to go back to the store, she gave me a lovely bouquet of Sweet Peas.
I drove off feeling very content. I turned at Wain Road which takes you past Meadowoak Nursery. I thought, I'm just going to pull in and see if they have any Wooly Thyme. They did! I got several to put in the dead patch of lawn at the front. I spotted what looked like a small fig tree. She confirmed it was. It was not a variety I was familiar with. She asked what I was looking for. I told her I was looking for a Peter's Honey Fig. She said she had some that weren't out yet. She brought several out and I chose one. It is quite small. It's about two feet tall and it has the tiniest little fig on it. It thought if it could make a fig at that size it would be a prolific fruiting tree.
I returned to the store and was looking at the fig as I got out of the car. Which led my brain right to 'now all I need is the lemonnnnnnnn....oh no.....I forgot the pot. Damn.'

Peter's Honey Fig

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