Thursday, September 29, 2011

The sunflower is looking good

The fallen sunflower is looking really good today. I am going to measure it. It think it may actually be over eight feet. I was looking at the six foot stake we wacked into the ground in the pouring rain and it looks like I've misjudged the height. Stay tuned!

Here is a picture of the patient. Looks pretty good doesn't it. I'm sorry to say the tomatoes around it don't look very good. We had a lot of rain and the plants were pummeled and the tomatoes have split. You win lose some. I see a project for this coming weekend.


Mark Willis said...

So the "patient" might pull through OK then...?
This is what I call "Garden First Aid"!

Andrea said...

I wonder why you didn't put a photo. I would have loved picking but am looking for that. haha.

Erin said...

Hi looks like the patient may live. I am really happy. It's actually my first ever sunflower. The flower head is forming so it was a bit depressing to see it on it's side. Picture to follow soon.

Hi Andrea...I don't usually put up a posting until I get the picture on. I'm not sure why I did it this time. Busted!! I have a computer virus at the store. Somehow a HUGE book order from august refaxed instead of the actual small September order. My mom came in and we went through seven big boxes of books, picked out what we needed and boxed the rest to go back to vancouver. I got home after dark. Hence, no picture. I will get one in the morning and get it in here. So, pick it tomorrow please!!! I deserve it.

Caro said...

Erin I had the same problem last year when all my giant sunflowers suddenly swooped earthwards after a storm. I rigged up a series of poles to hold them upright and they survived until the end of the season - which was amazing as their roots had almost been lifted out of the soil! Hope yours continues to thrive!