Monday, October 24, 2011

Sun is therapy...and then you throw in a full day of gardening...

Straw mulching happening today
There is nothing like a full day of sun and gardening to make your spirit soar.
Cuttings snuggled in for the winter next to the greenhouse
I transplanted a small basil I got at Thrifty Foods, but I don't think it is going to make it. It was in weird soil that dried out in a day and it would wilt. Maybe my hopes of growing basil indoors through the winter are just that...hopes.
Cauliflowers are now about a foot across
Allan went to Buckerfield's for me and picked up another bale of straw. I spread compost a couple inches deep over the garlic and then a few inches of straw. I have so much straw that I mulched the strawberries, rhubarb, fuchsia, Spanish Lavender and the little row of grocery store garlic. I have cuttings of Spanish Lavender and the gorgeous fuchsia along side the greenhouse in five inch plastic pots, so I piled straw around them.
Spanish Lavender mulched. Next weekend more straw and burlap!
My neighbor Judy who has a huge maple dropping leaves in her front yard , told me to dig in!! We ran the mower over them and put the resulting leaf mulch in bin two. Bin one is the building compost pile and bin three is temporarily holding the straw bale. We pulled the tarp over it.
The eight foot sunflower is starting to fade
I watered all the straw to keep the dust down.
The lettuce in the greenhouse is starting to grow. Look how beautiful they look with all the new growth.
Greenhouse lettuces


HolleyGarden said...

Your lettuce looks yummy! I've been mulching in my garden, too. I enjoy that chore.

Gardeningbren said...

Everything looks super! I can't remember straw mulching when I lived Westcoastie but back then, lettuce only got planted in the spring! things are different now. The straw should protect your plants well and you know, it kinda looks it smells lovely too!

Have not forgot about your seeds..they and some eastcoastie tomatoes in a jar are being special delivered sometime after Nov 18th. Stand by.

Erin said...

Hi HG. There is nothing more satisfying than growing food, and then picking some for supper. I LOVe it.
Hi Brenda. It is not typical to mulch the beds here. What I'm hoping to do is really get everything going!! Maybe get a jump start for next year. I am a new veggie gardener, so my plants, strawberries especially, are very young and I need lots of runners to fill the bed. What do you think? Do I have a chance of getting better plants that way?
I decided to spread some around the Brussels and cabbage...actually just because I had a bale of straw. :-). I had so much fun putting the beds to bed for the winter. Isn't it wonderful.
I am really excited about getting seeds from you. What do you mean about the tomatoes? You have my curiosity peeked.