Thursday, December 29, 2011

Seed and plant orders have been placed. Copies of the confirmations.

I have been planning, and writing, and planning some more. I have been drawing maps of where the different vegetables will be planted. Where the new raised beds will go. Then I planned some more. So here we are. Christmas is over and it is year end for the store. We are leaving for vacation at the end of January, so getting inventory and year end done before then, as well as get everything done in advance for my being away...means that it was now or wait until march to do these orders. Having never ordered seeds and herbs by mail, I was really worried that if I waited, much of what I would like, may be sold out. So, oh poor me, I had to get the orders done. So here are the confirmation copies of the three orders I did so you can see exactly what I'll be growing this year.

Richters order  Dec 29. Ship after feb 22

  Cat.No.    Item    Price    Unit    Quantity    Subtotal  
P3910 Marjoram, Sweet Plants   $ 3.00 ea 1 $ 3.00
P5300 Savory, Winter Plants   $ 3.00 ea 1 $ 3.00
P6620 Verbena, Lemon Plants   $ 4.00 ea 1 $ 4.00
P1300 Bay Laurel Plants   $ 7.00 ea 1 $ 7.00
P6460 Thyme, Lemon Plants   $ 3.00 ea 1 $ 3.00
P6080 Strawberry, Alpine Plants   $ 1.80 ea 12 $ 21.60
P1870 Comfrey, Common Plants   $ 3.00 ea 1 $ 3.00
P8016 Artichoke, Globe Plants   $ 3.00 ea 1 $ 3.00
Pre-shipping Order Total = $ 47.60 
Currency: Canadian Dollar 
Potted herbs and plug packs ship spring 2012. 
To reserve your plants, you will be charged for them at time of ordering.
Shipping and Handling: $ 35.00
Sales Tax: $ 9.92
Grand Total: $ 92.51

Botanical Interest Order.  Dec 29

Thank you for your order!
Product Name Prod # Unit Price Quantity Price
Beet Gourmet Blend Heirloom Seed
0174 $2.69 1 $2.69
Carrot Carnival Blend Organic Seed
3115 $2.99 1 $2.99
Cucumber Homemade Pickles Seed
0022 $1.79 1 $1.79
Pumpkin Lumina Seed
0158 $2.99 1 $2.99
Squash Summer Early Yellow Crookneck Heirloom Seed
0045 $1.69 1 $1.69
Tomato Cherry Yellow Pear Heirloom Seed
0104 $1.89 1 $1.89
Tomato Pole Black Krim Organic Heirloom Seed
3118 $2.39 1 $2.39
Tomato Pole Brandywine Heirloom Seed
0051 $1.89 1 $1.89
Subtotal: $18.32
Shipping Total: $3.95
Order Total: $22.27

west coast seeds order Dec 29

( 2011-12-29 )
Item Code Item Name Item Size Qty. Price
TM784A Tomatoes>Amish paste 0.1 g 1 $ 2.99 CA
TM780A Tomatoes>Gold nugget 0.1 g 1 $ 2.79 CA
FL2978A Morning glory>Heavenly blue 2 g 1 $ 2.99 CA
FL3252A Sunflowers>Zohar organic 1 g 1 $ 3.99 CA
SQ724A Zucchini>Romanesco zucchini 3 g 1 $ 2.99 CA
PP629A Peppers>Pepperoncini 0.5 g 1 $ 2.99 CA
KL420A Kale and collards>Winter kale blend 1 g 1 $ 3.95 CA
CB242A Cabbage>Danish ballhead 1 g 1 $ 2.79 CA
BT162A Beets>Winterkeeper lutz green leaf 5 g 1 $ 3.25 CA
ON565A Onions>Walla walla 1 g 1 $ 3.29 CA
CF304A Cauliflower>Snow crown 0.1 g 1 $ 3.29 CA
TM792A Tomatoes>Brandywine 0.5 g 1 $ 2.99 CA
Sub Total 38.3
Tax Summary :
GST/HST * ----- $ 4.60
HST Rebate ----- $ 0.00
Tax 4.58
Shipping ( ) 0.00
Total 42.88
Didn't order brandywine, yet it is on order. I emailed right away to remove.


Mark Willis said...

My, you are going to be busy! You should have kept the Brandywine. It's a good one, and it would have been in good company with all the other toms you have ordered.
Seeing the price you pay for the plants (and their shipping) reminds me why I grow most of my stuff from seeds these days.

Gone Tropical said...

wow, you'll be busy come springtime :)
what a wonderful selection /thumbup/

Erin said...

Hi Mark. I should have clarified. I had already ordered them in the Botanical Interests order. They are the one tomato that everyone seems to mention, so I can't wait to try them. Isn't it crazy. We pay a TON for postage in Canada. we actually have to pay twice as much, over a dollar, if it is a square envelope. Oh gosh, I shouldn't get started. It's a real pet peeve. I just decided to get a jmp on the herbs and strawberries. Other than that, I'm seeds all the way.
Hi GT. thanks for the thumbs up. I just kept reading and don't really know what I'm doing. I'm glad you think it looks like a good selection.

KL said...

It seems like the plants in Canada are much cheaper compared to the US. Or am I mistaken since I am new to all these? I am also ordering a lot :-).

Erin said...

Hi KL. if you want a real treat, go into the Richters website and look at the plants they have available and the prices. If I'm recalling correctly, they have 42 different mint varieties alone. It's awesome!!! I think they ship to the USA.

Erin said...

Shipping can be high here, so be sure to check the amount if you are ordering. I am betting you could get some plants you can't find anywhere. We live in the garden capital of Canada and we can't get many of the plants in our many garden centres.

Caro said...

Erin, you're going to be busy if you need to sow these all at once when you get back from your holiday! Be careful with the comfrey, it's a real spreader so needs to go in it's own corner or bucket if you don't want it to take over! Looking forward to seeing how you get on in 2012, very best wishes for the new year! Caro x

Erin said...

Hi Caro. I found a list of when to plant so they won't all go in at once. It'll be staggered over a month or two. Also, most of the veggies will only get one 8 foot row. Because I don't know what I'm doing, and I have no idea what will grow well here on the island, I'm treating this year like 'seed trials' year. And hopefully we will have lots of veg in the process.
Thank you so much for the comfrey tip. I had no idea and would have put it in the herb area. I will put it in a large pot and put it with the potted mints.
I am honestly having the time of my life, and get so much joy out of this, you have no idea. Today I have to spread a bucket of coffee grounds around my acid loving rhododendron. I feel like I used to on the last day of school before summer vacation. Unbridled happiness.

Erin said...

Happy New Year !!!

Becky said...

I love your Richter's order. I can't imagine how great it would be to be able to leave lemon verbena and sweet marjoram outside. I've never been able to grow globe artichoke and I've never planted comfrey because once it is planted it is there for good. I guess I better get with the program and get my Richter's order done.

Erin said...

Hi Becky
I'm going by memory...not an exact science since menopause hit...but I think I have to bring the lemon verbena in in winter? I have never even tasted artichokes, but they sound beautiful so I'm going to put it in the perennial border.
Caro gave me a heads up on the comfrey as well, so it will be put in a large pot with my mints. If you need an injury to heal, just make up comfrey tea and let it cool and pour over cut. At one point our govt was talking of making quite a few herbs illegal to buy (Yayyy drug we can't see though that), and one of them was comfrey. So now, I'm going to plant the herbs I use and find valuable.