Sunday, September 09, 2012

My Galeux D'eysines Pumpkin is starting to form peanooots

I am so excited. I have been watching my Galeux D'eysines Pumpkins (pronounced gallo day seen) since they formed. This pumpkin is nicknamed Peanut Pumpkin. You can tell from the picture why. The peanuts, or warts, form from sugar in the skin. They are supposed to be a truly delicious pumpkin that keeps well. 
I just had to add this picture. Aren't they beautiful.


Gardeningbren said...

Oh wow...those peppers!!

Erin said...

Aren't they beautiful. They are Pepperoncini. Warm more than hot, I am going to try to dry them. I am going to try a sweet pepper too next year. Any recommendations?