Monday, April 22, 2013

I started over.....let's try Kombucha made with green tea

I was surprised to find out that my sisters co-worker Dirk makes his own Kombucha. I have not been able to get mine fizzy and it seemed really strong. Both in colour and flavour. Dirk said that he uses green tea rather than black. He said he would start over again with green. I did. I chose the lightest coloured Scoby and began anew. I will keep you posted. Isn't it lovely. I must now close it up and not touch for a week. Good night Kombucha.

Update. May 5th. Brought the Kombucha down to check on the progress. Mold. Yup, I had to throw out the batch and the Scoby. I will have to start from scratch.

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