Saturday, August 17, 2013

Making a Lavender Wreath

Making a Lavender Wreath

A wreath can be as fancy as you want it to be, and can be made with a variety of garden plants and flowers. But of course, lavender is the base for everything, and you can make a lovely pure lavender wreath fairly simply.
You will need
Flowering lavender. This wreath requires a lot of stems, so you’ll probably want to do it when your own plants bloom or after buying bunches on a trip to a lavender farm.
A circular base for the wreath, perhaps the willow or grapevine versions you can find in any craft store.
Moss, if you want to plump up the wreath. Elastic bands and a ball of twine or raffia.


Grasp your lavender by the handful and arrange the stems so that all the flowers are bunched closely together.
Cut the stems a few inches below the blossoms and secure them with an elastic band.
Lay the bunch along the wreath base and wrap the twine or raffia around the base and a lavender bunch, pulling it snug.
Lay the next bunch overlapping the stems of the first, and tightly wrap the twine around to bind it to the base.
Continue layering bunches all the way around, with the flowers pointing all in the same direction.
Tuck in the end of the twine or raffia beneath the first bundle.
Make a loop for hanging and attach it to the base.
• Let the wreath lay flat as it dries, so that the flower bunches don’t 
droop or sag.

You can tie a pretty bow to your wreath, or tuck in other dried flowers or some baby’s breath. It will last for several years; add a few drops of essential oil to the back of the wreath if the scent begins to fade. 

From the Maui Book of Lavender


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Dry or fresh lavender for wreath making?

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