Sunday, October 13, 2013

A Thanksgiving Day of planting and preparing beds for winter.

We have had the most beautiful year. More sun than I remember here off the west coast of Canada, ever!!! I got to spend Thanksgiving Day in the garden.

      My beautiful cured and ready to plant garlic, 

      Look at the size of this garlic compared to my hand. 

       Kale popped out of the starter trays.

       Kale set in spots they will be planted.

   The kale bed planted and top dressed with manure. 

       Music Garlic set in their holes. Smoothed over with 
       bagged compost and top dressed with manure. 

I completely filled Bed 4 with kale. If you haven't tried winter kale you are really missing out. Summer kale is bitter and hard, but once your kale gets hit with frost, yummmmmmm.
I had to decide where to plant the garlic this year. The only thing that worked was to separate the two varieties. So the music is planted in Bed 1 and Red Russian is going in the lasagna bed. 
I had to admit defeat with Butternut Squash and Pattypans. Not a single one made it to edible size. I have high hopes that with all the horse manure going in the beds, it will be better next year.
I topped off the two beds that I planted with a layer of manure. It is six months old rather than the year, but I didn't use too much. 

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