Tuesday, October 29, 2013

I sure hope they are right about cutting strawberries to the gound.

read once that after strawberries are done producing to take them back to the ground with a weed whacker. I have never done this. Today I was in the yard surveying the strawberry patch. It is fading, but, there was a whole new set of flowers setting. I have never seen that happen before. I decided to take them right down. I got my hedge clippers from the shed and lopped them right off. I weeded and took out all the little guys that had rooted that I didn't notice during the summer. Then I grabbed the wheelbarrow and shovel and loaded two wheelbarrows full of manure over them. I didn't want to bury them too deep, but just enough to keep them a bit warmer over the winter. I hope they appreciate my efforts next year. 

Update...they have started growing again and are all flowering. Weird for November. 

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