Thursday, July 17, 2014

The wood chips going to good use!

I am loving the way the back yard looks. I am spreading about 17 yards of wood chips all over it. I am finished with lawn. Of course I'll keep it at the front for the neighbours, but the back......gone. I am burying it under very deep mulch. I felt sorry for Allan having to mow around raised beds and fruit trees...but more importantly I have an issue with lawn in general. Water, fertilizer, herbicide {not in ours, but generally speaking}....and for what? If I am going to water something, it needs to be food or a very beautiful flower for the bees and butterflies, not lawn!!

The mulch makes the whole yard look like a garden. Any area can easily be cultivated once the mulch breaks down and starts to break up the clay. Garden of Eden style. 


Annie's Journal said...

Your garden's looking good!'re so blessed to have all that woodchips in order to maintain a productive with lesser work garden! Happy gardening:)

Erin said...

That's what I think too! :-)
How lucky am I!