Friday, February 20, 2015

Aaaand Macy's take two!!! {then we will get back to gardening!!}

So yesterday we were reading the newspaper and saw a one day sale at Macy's with door crashers. I got up at about 7am and showered right away. No big deal you say. HA!!!!! I am NOT a person who is out the door at nine. I like to lollygag and have coffee and........ We left here at nine and got there at 9:15. It was a well planned assault. "You go to luggage and I'll go to Egyptian Cotton sheets". I moved like the wind. Found them!! Only one white and a cream colour in Queen Size. Grabbed those babies. Allan brought the luggage we needed to my check out and we paid. 

Here are the sheets:

Here is the original price:

And here is our receipt for the sheets and luggage:

Egyptian Cotton sheets for $39.99. Check out the total savings of $340.03!!!

I had no intention of buying bedding in Hawaii. I won't even get into how badly we needed it. {the duvet cover has a tear about ten inches long...} We don't like to replace things until we really need to. It had reached that point my friend. Trust me!!! 


Pam's English Garden said...

Wow! I love a bargain, and yours were great! Enjoy. P. x

Erin said...

Thanks Pam. I really had no intention of buying bedding. I just could not resist the price. I need to get it washed before putting it on the bed. Cotton crops get the lions share of pesticide, so I wash it first. We spent the day planting fruit trees. Maybe tomorrow.

oppo said...

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