Sunday, April 12, 2015

Tree-pocalypse...sad, but it had to be done.

No one hates taking out trees more than me. You may find that hard to believe since we took out so many the past year. Not one tree was removed without a reason and a plan. We took three trees out of the back yard and put in six. We took two out of the front yard to let the one big cherry breathe and grow in a healthy way. It was being suffocated.

Today we removed a large Douglas Fir because it had HUGE surface roots that had reached our house foundation. It was just a matter of time before it broke through the foundation. 

Surface roots. They were as large as 6" across.

It was planted by a non-gardening neighbour ten feet from our house about 35 years ago. We received permission from the town to remove it. 


Stump grinding


We had two large garbage cans of pine cones for green recycle.

We had a dying birch in the back yard that needs to be removed. It was dropping whole dead branches constantly.

One trunk down, one to go.

The rest of the work today has been final hedge trimming and sculpting and reining things in. 



Over the shed. Before.

Scott in the hedge



Young site visitor and future arborist!!

We have spread and used every bit of the wood chips. They have gone back into the gardens to grow vegetables. 

Next weekend we will plant the last Apple Tree and an almond tree. Yes we can grow almonds here!!

A very special thank you to Scotty Tree service. They are amazing and fun to deal with. Thank you guys!!


Gardeningbren said...

Oh I was so excited to see this!! Awesome Erin...what a day you must have had. Sad to see such a magnificent Douglas Fir gone but it really was in the wrong place. Now do I understand...from the photos...the hedge goes along two sides of your property? Someday I will see it for myself!

Erin said...

It was a crazy weekend. I am achy all over. The hedge is over 100' long. There are two neighbours back there so it looks like a corner but actually it's just hedge at the back. I cannot wait to show you everything. You have been there since the beginning and shared so much of your knowledge. For example...your insistence that Ballerina Tulips are the most beautiful of all. I planted a ring of them around my Japanese Maple. They are in full bloom and truly are the most beautiful I've ever seen. My neighbour even came over to see them and loved them. Thank you again!!

Alison said...


Erin said...

Oh Alison...wait until you see how bright it is.