Wednesday, July 15, 2015

I think the potted herbs will look great here.

This area by the fence is one of the 'patio's' that I created between gardens. Raked smooth so that they are easy to walk on. There is quite a large one by the fence in the back corner. I was sitting and pondering it. It is right by a cedar hedge so nothing will grow there. I realized that it would be perfect for potted plants. So I popped the potted herbs there. I think they brighten up that area nicely. I will add more.


Pam's English Garden said...

Your herbs look nice and healthy, Erin. I like the blue pots. I have all my veg and herbs in boxes, planters, and pots because of the walnut trees in my yard. It's great to be able to move the pots around to where they are needed most. P. x

Erin said...

Do you find that a lot of them do better in a bit of shade?