Monday, July 04, 2016

Picking blueberries...a very satisfying endeavour

Cleaning blueberries. With Charlotte by my always.
It was the perfect day to pick blueberries. Garden Cat Beamer helped of course. He was on my lap as I picked and at one point he was curled up napping on me. So I sat and waited for him to wake. It was nice just to sit in the bushes for a bit. Then I resumed. I planted the blueberries three years ago and dreamed of having a nice harvest like today. It is a small 'walk' with ten blueberry plants. I thought I would have one nice old Tupperware bowl full but in fact I got two heaping bowls. They are huge and were so heavy I weighed them. 6lbs and 9.3ozs. I'm going to make a nice batch of jam. Maybe tomorrow!! The Blueberry Walk is exactly as I envisioned three years ago.
***For the record, I have not watered these blueberry plants at all this year. Not once. They are proof positive that the Back to Eden way of gardening absolutely works just as they say it will***

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