Sunday, August 21, 2016

I've been growing orchids for about forty years

I love orchids. I love orchids a lot. I have been growing them for about forty years. Back then, when I first started growing them, I lived in an apartment on the 21st floor of a building at 8th and 8th in downtown Calgary. It had a massive amount of Windows on the south and west side of the building. I had so many house plants it was crazy. If I recall correctly, there were 65. Then I added orchids. They were not nearly as easy to find as they are now. Every florist, grocery store and Costco has them. So much easier. I had to order mine from a company in Florida called Jones and Scully. This is an orchid that a friend had, that had finished flowering and she asked if I wanted it....ummmmm yeah!!! That was two years ago. I got a few flowers last year but this year...well look for yourself. This is an Oncidium, variety unknown.


I know you can't see very much of that gorgeous china cabinet the orchid is on, but I love it so very much. My great-grandmother had it made in 1906. I was lucky enough to be gifted this incredible piece that I had admired for years. The original bill of sale is at my parents house. I need to find it.


I will post more pictures of orchids as they bloom.

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