Sunday, October 16, 2016

Lettuce and Kale planted...and a few bulbs.

The lettuce and kale are finally big enough to plant in the citrus house. It is a bit cooler down at that end of the greenhouse, and the light is perfect. I cannot wait to have fresh lettuce this winter.

Lettuce and Kale planted. Oh...and look at the mandarin oranges!!!
There also some nasturtiums coming up from the compost.
More on the other side. This isn't all of it, some of it was a little too small still.
Isn't the guava lovely. You should smell it. Yummmmmm.
Every year I plant more yellow narcissus and large snowdrops.
I could not resist this Parrot Tulip.
I'm such a sucker for pink flowers. Eye candy.


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