Friday, January 13, 2017

Use your good and precious are worth it !!

This Christmas I wanted to create a lovely dinner for my family. Not just the food, but a lovely experience as well. To treat them like they are the most special people in the world......because they are. It began with searching for a tablecloth that would fit the fully extended table at 9x4'. So I finally found a white linen tablecloth that fit perfectly and an extra long Holly design runner. It had occurred to me that my beautiful dishes, crystal and silver would all need a good cleaning. No problem I thought, I'll get it done, there's lots of time. Uh huh. Really? So as you know I was doing the cleaning Christmas week. In the middle of the busiest week in retail. I have a shop you know!!


I have finally finished cleaning everything in the china cabinet, as well as the cabinet itself. I finished the last two shelves today.

So, in 2017 let's -

Use the good dishes and the good teapots! Wear the clothes you save for special occasions...and use the good handbags. Burn your pretty candles. Drink the champagne you've squirreled away for a special occasion. Use the expensive soap that is 'too pretty to use'. What is more special than the gift that is today. I'm sure you have heard the expression "If not now, when?"


Jenny said...

I have always used my special things often. Yes, things get broken or damaged over the years but I am so happy to have happy memories using them than the burden of cleaning them for no other reason but to look at them.

Erin said...

Hi Jenny. It feels wonderful to use these beautiful things we all have. It makes you feel special. :-)