Monday, April 03, 2017

Two days in the Garden.

This weekend I torture tested my elbow. Remember I had a terrible bout of Tennis Elbow last summer and fall. I couldn't pull a single weed or even use pruners. Nothing. So I have a very unpruned and weedy garden to contend with this year. I have spent two weekends cleaning the gardens. Today I finished all the pruning, fed everything in the greenhouse and dug up two roots of a peony and a fringed Shasta Daisy that I love. My garden has quite a few bare spots, so this will help fill them in. I walked about the yard with my new Canon camera and took these photos. I am enjoying it very much!!

Moms pansy reseeded!!
Greenhouse, cleaned, pruned and fed. I left the door open today to circulate fresh air.
Tulameen Raspberry patch.
Amanda's Rosemary
'Frost' Peach blossom
Greenhouse bed. Martha Washington starting to bloom.
Meyer Lemon
Meyer Lemon tree. The Buddha in the back ground was on the deck. I carried it myself and placed it. I am guessing but I bet it weighs about 70 pounds.
Tomatoes coming up. Sungold and Black Krim.
Miniature Rose. I bought it because I have never smelled a mini rose that smelled like an old rose like this one does. It will be going on the deck in the big pot!!
Tete a Tete narcissus.
Shiro Japanese plum. Most delicious plum I have ever tasted.
Closeup of Shiro Plum blossom
My garden all cleaned out and pruned. Ready to go.
I dug up a division of the Ogilvie Peony for my garden.
This three foot pot was in our front entry. I wanted to move it to the furthest back corner of the yard. The bamboo and the water in the huge pot meant this pot weighed at least 100 pounds. I could barely raise a side of it off the ground. I went to the shed and got my UFO shaped slider. I wrestled it onto the slider. It was brutally heavy even pulling it. Then I had to wrestle it again up about ten inches onto the deck under the willow. I cannot believe I did it myself. I am worried about how my elbow will take this level of abuse, but so far so good.



Joan said...

Lovely garden and greenhouse. So glad you had a good weekend without pain.

Erin said...

Thank you so much Joan!!