Wednesday, July 05, 2017

I know Root Rot when I see it...Tulameen succumbed yet again.

I had high hopes for my Raspberry patch of Tulameens...but the one thing I'm an expert at, is spotting root rot. This is the third planting of Tulameen Raspberries that I have had succumb to Root Rot. As soon as the Raspberry fruiting begins, the plants starts to turn brown and dry out, then the whole cane dies. Growth with no berries will look healthy. Don't be fooled. They may even make it to next year...then they begin to set fruit and the plant dying commences. So you might as well get rid of them and try something else. How sad are these pictures.

I have done some research into Root Rot Resistant Raspberries with the flavour and size of Tulameen Raspberries. I've come up with Cascade Delight. They should do much better. Allan picked up a Cascade Delight today at Dinter in Duncan today. It is already transplanted into a huge pot to be fed and spoiled to encourage lots of underground runners. It is even in the greenhouse for now. This is what the berries look like. Aren't they beautiful.


Sheryl Russell said...

Hi Erin,
I am researching various caneberries for my own garden where I have problems with several viruses affecting mine :(. You might want to try another fairly new variety called Cascade Delight as it is tolerant to root rot. Following is a link to Oregon State University's Extension publication giving a long list of raspberries and their qualities -
a great tool:

Erin said...

Cascade Delight was indeed the variety I have replaced them with. Thank you.