Thursday, November 30, 2017

Lighting my Greenhouse at night

Thanks to my mother, I now have light in the greenhouse. I was describing to her how I would grab my little Lee Valley flashlight in the evening and go out to check things. I need to see where I’m walking, as I have a real fear of squashing slugs onto my shoes. Blech. Also trying to work in there in a thin stream of light is virtually impossible. So I was saying I wanted to put a light out there. Mom said, why don’t you get a remote control one then it would be on when you went in, instead of looking for the switch in the dark. I had no idea what she meant. Well it turns out you can get a plug in that is triggered by remote control like a TV. I got one called Woods Wireless Remote from Home Hardware. It works perfectly, even through glass and deck furniture. Mom also gave me a outdoor floodlight which I am using temporarily. It is smashing. Check this out. 

These pictures were taken in low light, so they are a bit fuzzy.

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