Sunday, August 22, 2021

Wallpaper removal. Yes it is as much work as people say it is!

I have just spent the first few days in my new house. The first thing I noticed is how big it seems. Also, with my incredibly terrible sense of direction, I get lost. True story…on day one, I headed from where I was, to go somewhere else. I walked around and did a big loop through three rooms and found the place I was looking for, which was actually right beside the spot I started from. It had been right behind me. I have been dealing with this ‘directional disorder’ my whole life so I just laugh. I did shake my head, because this was bad even for me.

Wallpaper removal is a nightmare. There is quite a bit of it in this house and three of us have been working at it for three days and have two rooms done. I think my sister is right with her one week estimate. 

Update: two months have gone by and I am still cleaning glue off the stripped wallpaper walls. I took a total of maybe seven days that I didn’t work on this. “One week estimate”… I snort with laughter. 

We are now working in a hallway and kitchen. 

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