Monday, March 19, 2012

Grow light on the way...fruit trees are is good

My first ever Meyer Lemon
Tomatoes are popping up right and left. I've bit the bullet and have a bid on a grow light on eBay. It has 6 lights and 4' long. It was my sons idea. I was telling him that the light fixture I wanted was 350.00 to have sent over from Vancouver. He said, that's outrageous, try eBay. I looked online to try to find someone local, but gave up. I just can't bear the thought of leggy bedding plants after all the love and TLC that goes into selecting the seeds, buying flats and planting mix, and planting, and waiting, and nurturing. To have to toss them because they just don't thrive? Not an option. So grow light it is. I'll keep you posted. (got the light for $118.00 plus shipping)

The plum. Are they leaves or flowers?

I mixed up a batch of fish fertilizer and fertilized the fruit trees, the growing veg and the rhubarb. 
The rhubarb is looking more robust every day.
It feels quite arctic again. It has been a weird couple of years on Vancouver island. The thermometer will say its ten degrees. Celsius that is. You go outside expecting ten degrees, and I guess technically it is. But with the arctic wind, it feels like zero. Or less. it is SO cold. There, I've done what everyone is doing around here. Complaining about the cold. As I'm a half full kind of girl, I have to add...there was some sunshine today!!

Baby lettuce's bursting forth by the hundreds.

A great lover of humor and whimsy needs a gnome
Orchid buds

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Gardeningbren said... went all out with the grow lights! and what a great price.

So lovely to see your garden growing, great group of photos.