Sunday, March 11, 2012

My fig is in! Garden centres and slug bait.

The Negronne Fig I ordered is in. I will go in the next couple days and pick it up. Oh joy.
Jess and I went on a garden centre extravaganza today. I found a large terracotta plant dish. It was glazed...presto...birdbath. I have an upturned pot by the greenhouse. It has a depression in the bottom which is full of water. The birds have been using it as a water source and a birdbath all winter. I want to provide them with a larger dish.
Jess has a huge terrace at her new condo. We picked up a bunch of veg and flower seeds for her. I'm going to provide her with tomato plants. She grabbed some netting and plant ties. She's good to go.
I have been looking for Sluggo for a week. I've checked Home Depot, Marigold, Elk Lake, Home Hardware and Capital Iron. I had all but given up. I wrote to the company that makes Sluggo and they told me that I would find it as Scott's Ecosense slug and snail bait or slug b gone. (I don't really want to buy from Scotts, but no one else seems to make this type of bait in Canada. I finally located it at, gulp, Walmart. A double whammy.) It is composed of Iron Phosphate which is supposed to break down in the soil as it is a naturally occurring compound in soil. Thank you Erica of Northwest Edible Life!!


Mark Willis said...

Let's hope that your fig tree produces fruits like those perfect specimens in your photo!

Erin said...

Now wouldn't that be nice Mark. It is the dream of the trees potential that makes it so much fun.

.09 Acres said...

Looking forward to seeing pictures of your new Negronne fig tree!