Monday, April 09, 2012

Easter Monday...I'm of why

Created a new area for shade lovers and newly transplanted etc.
The lettuce is getting nice and big.
The rhubarb is amazing.
I went with Jess and Amanda to Marigold and Meadow Oak nurseries. We were there for hours. I just HAD to get a Fall Gold Everbearing Raspberry. Every time I would see them they would call out to me.
I dug out all but one of the herbs to get them away from the buttercups while I use cardboard to kill them. I am not sure they are totally out of the roots, so I still may need to replace some herbs. Darn. I was SO thankful for the potting shed today. I also repotted a Gingko Tree to send home with my sister.
The herb patch after herb removal.
Some of the cardboard that will be necessary for buttercup killing.
While at Marigold, I almost missed these incredible double Polyanthus. I have never seen anything like it. So it's here on the new shady shelf for now.
Last but not least. The French Sorrel freshly dug out of herb garden. It looks pretty sad. They were calling for rain today. In fact it was HOT and this poor thing wilted. It is on the new shady shelf as well. Good luck my pretty.

**Tuesday update: The French Sorrel looks a lot perkier today.


Jane and Chris said...

I swear that rhubarb has doubled in size since the last pic. A productive weekend,but gardening is also fun!
Jane x

Erin said...

Hi Jane!! The rhubarb has gone crazy. It is about two feet across. You're right, it has about doubled. I never dreamed I could get excited about a vegetable. At least I think rhubarb is a veg. :-)

Gardeningbren said...

The double Polyanthus are very special!! They will do so well in your climate. Dare I say, they come in other hot pink, soft pink, white, and much more.

Great looking lettuce Erin!!

Erin said...

Why thank you Brenda!!
They did have kind of a dark pink/burgundy colour poly, but no pink. I will definitely grab a pink when I see one. Isn't gardening divine.