Monday, April 30, 2012

Potting up bedding plants...

Newly potted peppers with lettuce in greenhouse.
I began the day with a trip to Buckerfield's. I got a 10 kg bag of bone meal. It is 2.50 per pound in bulk, or 23.99 for 10 kg or 22 lbs which is $1.09 per pound. Buying large bags is really the only way to go. I also got quite a few black nursery type pots. They were .99 each for both the one and two gallon size. I didn't have enough for all that I needed to pot.
See how pale they are.
I began by potting up the tomatoes that I want to grow myself. I was really surprised to see the Sungold plants have flower buds already. I have enough tomatoes for all of us, but about half are still in flats. I didn't have enough room in the greenhouse. I think I may have left them in the flats a bit too long. They were getting yellow. I also potted the peppers into two gallon pots and the Galeux pumpkins, or peanut pumpkins as they are nicknamed are potted.
Cucumbers...can't wait to try the Lemon Cucumbers!
I used my new potting bench even though it isn't quite done, but is totally functional. Picture to follow shortly.
Meyer Lemon flowering. The scent is heavenly.
The Meyer Lemon is blooming. So much so, you can smell the sweet blossoms outside of the greenhouse. The lettuce is providing us with large salads every day now. Very delicious. I am still really surprised how much stronger tasting home grown lettuce is compared to store bought. Incredible.
Aunt Helen's wild strawberries
I moved Aunt Helen's wild strawberries from Ontario out of the greenhouse onto the deck. In six days they went from completely squished flat in my suitcase, to growing and sending out new leaves. I put them on the deck under a table. I am not sure where I am going to put them, but...
Fall Gold raspberry
Berry patch with raspberries and alpine strawberries
Did a walkabout in the yard trying to figure out where to put the currants and yellow raspberry. I may just take a chance and put the yellow raspberry in the bed with the red. My worry is that I won't like the yellow and they may take root and I could have trouble getting the roots out from the red.
***As you can see by the picture, I just bit the bullet and planted it in the berry bed.
Currants still not planted...Note buttercup killing in progress.
It ain't pretty.
The currants are still a puzzle. They were an impulse buy. I've never had a currant in my life. I'm in love with the idea of currant jelly. But did I really need and red and a black? Well, yes I guess I did. I'll get back to that tomorrow.
Just what the Dr. beds. Thank you Allan.
I have had a couple of stressful and emotional weeks. Today was just what I needed.


Gardeningbren said...

Heh..bravo on the currents! We have them, black, red and white. Put wood ash around the bottom to help stop currant sawfly. You will love the currents and so good for you. Did you know they can take some shade? Next thing I know, you'll be buying a farm!!;-)

Erin said...

Well, Brenda, you know farming is in my blood. :-)
I am so excited about the new beds. I am going to put some old wood into one of them. A Hugelkultur experiment. I have an old birch tree cut up under the deck...been there for years. Hugelkultur it is.
Your white custard squash are looking wonderful in the greenhouse.
My son Noel and I spent an hour or so talking genealogy today. I was filling him in on what you've said so far. It was delightful.

Erin said...

Hi Brenda...I am going in now to check out the sun/shade requirements of the currants. Thanks for the tip. A lot of my yard is in shade. How much can they take?

charlie b. said...

Your plants look great! And so do those raised beds! Wish I had some of those. : )

Gardeningbren said...

Mine are located behind the bean wall, so once that is covered, the currants get minimal sun. I am sure they do better in full sun, but from what I read, they are one fruit bearing plant that will take some shade.

It was fun doing the genealogy. You are most welcome.

Erin said...

Hi Charlie
I was lucky to find the boards for 4-5.00 each.the top soil is the expensive part. :-)

Hi Brenda
I will definitely use a shadyish location for the currants. I think it just makes sense to save the sun for something that needs it.
The genealogy was awesome!!! My son Noel has been googling like crazy. He thinks before England we were from Ireland. My sister Jess said she remembers my grandmother saying something about family being from Ireland. Isn't that just a hoot. I never knew that.
I can't thank you enough my friend.