Sunday, April 01, 2012

No April Fools jokes, just garden & greenhouse pictures!

Mostly tomatoes under lights here.
Three trays. Newly planted cucumbers and pumpkins.
The light setup, with fan and stuff not moved to shed yet.

I thought you might like a long shot of the greenhouse.

Finally an in focus of the plum.

The rhubarb is already about 14 inches across. Yayy.
An asparagus spear. Oh big Yayyyyy.
Jonagold apple, going in the front yard.
My precious Meyer Lemon in flower. Lots
more teeny buds are forming.


Clint Baker said...

Your tomatoes look so strong and Healthy!

Jane and Chris said...

I'm jealous of your rhubarb..ours is just peeking through the soil,and the asparagus is still asleep. We won't be gardening this year as we have too many house projects to deal with..I have to get my gardening fix via blog land.
Jane x

Gardeningbren said...

You tomatoes look so strong! Wonderful to see. Liked the long shot in the greenhouse.

Erin said...

Clint and Brenda. So good to hear. Because I haven't done bedding plants before, I don't know what I'm looking for. I feel a bit relieved. I fret over those little guys. What's funny is I have room for maybe ten. I've promised plants to the whole family.
Hi Jane. I felt a gush of pride over my rhubarb just now. Thanks!

Mark Willis said...

You've certainly thrown yourself into this gardening thin in a big way, Erin! Hope the Asparagus gives you a good crop, but be careful not to cut too much of it until it has had a chance to get fully established (normally Year 3).

Erin said...

Hi Mark. Thanks for the tip. I think if they are that delicate, I'll just leave them be for three years. I just planted two more rows, so that'll be yet three more for those. :-)
I'm in it for the long haul.