Saturday, November 03, 2012

Check out my garden. Still pretty awesome.

Rosemary bundled up for winter
Asparagus fern. Looks like a female to me.
Callicarpa / Beauty Berry

These fuchsias are about 3.5 inches across
Calendula...found a seed pod by a fence last year and this grew!!
Cymbidium orchid. Third year.
Aunt Helen's Ontario 'lawn strawberries'
Sungold tomato
Chilean Guava


Becky said...

I'll say! My rosemary is in the house wishing it could be outside. You do have a female asparagus plant, but if any of those berries have seeds there" a male around somewhere. I love the color of your beauty berries.

Erin said...

Aren't beauty berries incredible. And the colour comes right when there is little colour in the garden. That asparagus is the only female I think. I have heard that you want males?? Should I dig it out and replace it?

Andrea said...

Lovely shots, and i love your Cymbidium. I am intrigued when you mentioned that asparagus fern is female! I didn't know that they are dioecious, ours is also having fruits. You mean the male plant is separate from the female! So I wonder now, where ours get the pollen!

Gardeningbren said...

The photos are great...wonderful to see your westcoastie garden compared to ours here on the east coast.

Thanks for the reminder..forgot to dig up my rosemary...tomorrow!!!

Erin said...

hi Andrea. I think you would have mostly males. When you get the plants they are usually males. Better spears I guess.
The males have small yellowy flowers in summer and this one started looking like fruit during summer. Now nice and red.

Erin said...

Hi Brenda
Do you move your Rosemary into the summer house? How is your garden now? Ready for bed?

Gardeningbren said...

Yes, I move it into the summerhouse. I actually have three plants this year, one a creeping rosemary.

Garden still looks not bad Erin. Thanks for asking. No blooms left, but lots of structure. I don't do a lot of cleanup of plants that have seeds for the birds through the winter.

It was 19 c degrees here in N.S. yesterday!! Greens still growing very well.Garlic all in, bulbs not so much ;-)

Erin said...

19 degrees!!!! I am totally envious. I love that you leave the seeds for the birds. Today I started two flat of greens for salads. I have quite a bit of lettuce popping up in the greenhouse as well. I'm hedging my bets. I now really don't like buying salad greens. They just aren't as good as mine. The lettuce you grow is a lot stronger tasting. It took some getting used to, but now I really love it.
I have a few rosemary cutting in the greenhouse too. I hope they grow. They look good. I think I'll do that every fall, just in case I lose the plants in a hard freeze.
Happy gardening my friend.