Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Erin's big adventure. Or. What does it mean when you are 1343'd at an airport?

Keeping my eye on the prize. Sunset just before our second
Green Flash.
Allan and I just returned from a trip to Hawaii. It was spur of the moment. One Sunday I did not have a passport and had no intention of going to Hawaii. The following Sunday we were in the air. We only had one stop. Vancouver. On two previous trips I had been singled out for the 'Random' full search. In Vancouver we were heading through the ropes toward the customs booth. We were intercepted by a uniformed Customs Guy. He asked to see my customs declaration. I gave it to him...he drew all over the customs logo on front with a red sharpie and wrote 1343 on the back. He said to me, "when you get to the officer, tell him you need a supervisor". Well if that wasn't the longest ten minutes or so. I figured maybe they wanted to know about the prescription meds in my purse. I was trying to think of anything it could be. Why me again?!! What the hell?! So our turn at the booth arrives. I hand the officer my customs declaration. I say, 'we need a supervisor'. He says 'what do you mean'? I said 'the officer who intercepted us told us we need a supervisor'. He asked who it was and we pointed to the gentleman. Our Customs guy called him over and asked what it was about. The officer said, 'it's a time check.' Huh? 'We want to see how long it's taking to get through the lineup.'

Hahahaha. 1343 = 13:43 in the afternoon.

It has become a running gag in the family. I am not feeling the sympathy for the trauma!!


Mark Willis said...

We Brits have a reputation for being obsessed with Red Tape, but the Americans beat us by a mile. Not only are they bureaucracy-mad, but their officials are very officious! Hardly welcoming when you are a visiting tourist.

Joan said...

Oh my! An adventure even before you left the country! Heard you had to return early, hope you are feeling better.

Jane and Chris said...

I would have been worried sick!
Jane x

Erin said...

You're right Mark...it did not feel very welcoming. I was so focused on getting to the sun, that the thought of not getting through customs...was really scary.

Erin said...

Hi Jane...I really was kinda scared. Very panicked about not getting to my happy place.

Erin said...

Hi Joan!!! Yes it was an adventure all round. First getting 1343'd on the way down. And suddenly having to change flights and get out of my happy place in Kona. I found out how they move people around airports in wheelchairs. It was humbling. I feel a lot better already with the meds. Bleeding ulcer....who knew?! Today I am going in for a scoping. We leave in about a half hour, so I should start getting ready I guess. :-)