Sunday, June 01, 2014

A full day of labour. Gardens can be that way.

Isn't the garden getting so pretty. I just had to boast.

Time to start building the new section of the garden. Most of the grass you see in this backyard will be gone soon. I weed whacked, put down cardboard and then spread a VERY thick layer of manure. Lasagna garden style. In this picture the area looks about six by four feet. It is actually about 14 feet and ten wheelbarrow's of manure. 

The garden is starting to surround my favorite Japanese Maple. 

The last of the horse manure has been spread. I raked and tidied. Then I took the loppers and cut back the trees at the side so we can walk around without getting poked in the face by holly or fir!

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Mark Willis said...

Hard work, I'm sure, but probably very satisfying too.