Monday, June 09, 2014

My peony and the parent plant....?

Here is a picture of this very old peony. I came by it about 25 years ago...I won't say just came into bloom.

Here is a picture of the parent plant, located in my neighbours yard. Mine seems somewhat double, but nothing like this !!

This just doesn't make any sense to me at all. 


Jane said...

It may not make sense....but aren't they just GORGEOUS!!

Erin said...

They really are pretty aren't they Jane. You should smell them!!

Erin said...

I eventually figured it out. There were two peonies in my neighbours yard. I assumed they were the same rootstock. I had a piece of each. I dug up and disposed of the RIGHT peony a couple years ago. This one, the wrong one, was prone to a weird black spot and the flowers were never quite right. I thought it was because it was more shaded. Nope. Different plant. Duh.