Sunday, March 22, 2015

A trip to Dinter Nursery

We headed up Island to Duncan today. I needed to go and pick up my 25 Tulameen Raspberry's. I purchased some a few years ago from our local nursery and they were contaminated with Root Rot. I was not willing to try that again. The berry's at Dinter Nursery just south of Duncan are always immaculate and healthy looking. They also carefully arrange their plants by variety. Very neat, tidy and refreshing. Dinter Nursery is a dream. Bernie Dinter was extremely helpful and guided me through the different options very patiently by email. 
After we arrived, I was strolling around...of course...and stumbled on roses. I could not believe it. They had the two David Austin roses I planned to get this year. Abraham Darby and Constance Spry.

Abraham Darby

Constance Spry (a good climber). I want to make an archway in the new garden out of this variety. if that wasn't good enough, there was a Nikko Blue Hydrangea. I wanted one of these for the front garden next door so it will look different from this yard. So now I have some serious planting to do!!

Nikko Blue Hydrangea


Mark Willis said...

Such willpower, Erin. Such willpower...!

Pam's English Garden said...

I'm oo-ing and ah-ing at your wonderful purchases, Erin. How I envy you. P. x

Erin said...

I could have spent 1000.00 easily. It is an amazing place.

Erin said...

Pam, I couldn't believe they had most of what I was looking for. The two English Roses were a complete surprise.