Monday, May 25, 2015

Can anyone identify this weed for me??

This is the weed from hell. It is occupying a space about 25x15 feet. As fast as I dig, new ones come up the next day. I have been letting them grow for about four days so I could get a better look at the leaves. They are tiny and the odd leaf looks a bit like Wild Morning Glory. I've never had any in my yard so I don't know what it looks like really. Please help me ID it and how do you get rid of it without Roundup. 

The mystery is solved. It is Bindweed. Someone in my vegetable growers group recognised it. As soon as I saw this picture in Google, I remembered the pretty pink flowers in the lawn last year. Right where the Weeds are. 

So I have done a fair bit of reading about bindweed. Pretty, yes...invasive and almost impossible to get rid of, yes as well. I will be chronicling my battle with this horrid weed. Pray for me.  

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