Sunday, December 13, 2015

In my mind there is always snow in winter

Growing up in Orillia, Ontario was heaven. I loved it there so much. The snow was so deep and plentiful often the school bus couldn't get through to us. I remember the snowplows would push the snow almost to the electrical wires. It was wonderful. I am a lover of snow and winter in general, so almost any excuse to get on a toboggan, sleigh or go skating. Everyone had backyard skating rinks and our back yard was no exception. I remember my dad shovelling out a small section for the rink and flooding it. Then he would string up a light so we could skate at night. It was perfect. The ice was always rough which lead to falls. I remember going straight over backwards and slamming my head {with a touque thank goodness} on the ice more than once. I can still remember what that felt like. It was so jarring sometimes my ears would ring. Hmmm, that might explain a few things.
So now I live on Vancouver Island where we rarely get snow. If I had to really search for something to complain about, I guess that would be it. I love this island and I love Sidney. But it could use a bit of snow.


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