Saturday, September 09, 2017

The massive garden removal, stage one, is DONE!!

For scale this pile of chips and debris that I raked out of the good mulch and manure.....has a leaning wooden platform that is 8 x 8'. That pile is huge. You can see it is at least 12' across.
So, fast forward two weeks and a HUGE amount of green material removed by trailer loads, and I am down to relatively flat and wood chip and plant free soil. It rained today so you can see that the car and trailer did make some ruts. I had to level everything in the next two weeks anyway, so I will do that and get the grass seed spread right on schedule in about a week or two. I must say, this taking every minute I’m not at work, for close to three months surprises me. It was a long project. After the seeding, I will begin to weed and then spread the beautifully sorted small wood chips and composted material including manure, in the newly formed apple tree garden. More to follow. Here are a few more photos of the yard and a few apples on a tree that we are eating from right now.
Melrose Apples

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