Monday, April 02, 2012

Fruit trees are planted right in the front yard. No one does that anymore. Why?

Newly planted Negronne Fig.
It was supposed to rain all afternoon. It didn't. It was so sunny that the greenhouse was heated up to 28 degrees. I took off my coat and just soaked it up. I told Amanda that we should go get our bathing suits on and pretend we are in Hawaii.
Allan and I grabbed fruit trees, shovels, manure, bone meal and other assorted paraphernalia and moved it to the front yard. Placement of the fruit trees was tricky. There is an old birch tree front and centre in the front yard. It provides us with privacy in the summer. But it is old and probably reaching the end of its life. So whether to plant the fruit where it won't be shaded by this birch, or plant it somewhat optimally knowing the birch will soon be gone. I actually considered just cutting the birch down. I would have liked to put the apple right in that spot, but I am an environmentalist as well. I take the cutting down of trees very seriously and should only be done as a last resort. So the birch will somewhat shade the apple. I would consider topping the birch if the apple doesn't thrive. But...I have a feeling all will be well.
Newly planted Jonagold Apple. Isn't that just such
a cute little house. We've been here since 1979.
The apple is planted in a central location away from our driveway, the street parking and neighbour Barb's driveway. None of us need apples cracking our windshields. Then the Negronne fig went over closer to the driveway. If a fig hits a windshield, you'd have a mushy blob. It is near the spot that we had the half dead ornamental plum. The spot has seemed a bit bare since we removed it. It is good to have something there again.
Here are two lovely shots of me after gardening. Okay, not me exactly, but my dirty denim shirt and my dirty nails. I always say that I love dirt under my nails. Here's the proof. Look at those dry cuticles, the dirt, the nails cut super short. Yup, I'm a gardener.
Dirty shirt.
Even dirtier nails
I have a soft spot for cactus and succulents.


Jane said...

Yup! You're a gardener alright! If proof be needed, just look at the nails...certified, qualified Gardener!x

Clint Baker said...

It feels so good to get dirt under your nails, doesn't it?

Erin said...

Hi Clint and Jane. Sadly, today my nails are clean. I did go out and water seedlings. So I feel...nourished. But there will be no dirt today. Thanks for the cute comments!!

Mark Willis said...

Erin, what is the expected life-span of a Birch tree then? We have (far too) many of them around here and I confess that I do sometimes hope some of them will die!

Erin said...

Hi Mark...when I put my European white birches in, I read that they could expected to live about 20-25 years. Here's hoping yours die soon my friend!!

.09 Acres said...

Love the fig tree. It will reward you handsomely in a few years with bowls and bowls of fresh figs!

Erin said...

Ooooooooo, bowls and bowls of figs. Mmmmmmmmm, I think I'm drooling.