Monday, April 30, 2012

Gardening injury.

This lovely pallet tipped over as I was moving it, resulting in:



George said...

Ouch, that hurt. Bet it bruised your ego too, as "Now that was dumb." The good news is that you did not get sliced. Heal quickly.

Jane and Chris said... extreme sport.
Jane x

Becky said...

Ouch! I guess like me you need to keep an ice pack in your freezer. Perfectly normal objects can be a hazard. It looks like you'll be through the purple stage into and nice spring green in no time! Be careful out there!

Chad B said...


Better turn that pallet into firewood just to teach it a lesson.

Erin said...

Thank you for your kind thoughts on my horrific gardening injury. Only another gardener would understand the sacrifice. Throwing your body in the path of a falling pallet.
I do like the suggestion of using it as firewood. Good one.

Mark Willis said...

Hmmm. Erin, is your middle name Jonah? You are always getting injured! I mustn't be too cruel though - I hope the bruise goes down quickly. In the meantime wear your wound with pride. Gardening injuries are always honourable! At least you have a nice compost bin.

Erin said...

Hello Mark. Your comment is hilarious. You know what made it really crazy?...I picked the pallet up with my left hand because I tore my rotator cuff around my right shoulder in feb when I fell in Hawaii. I didn't have the strength to hold it, dropped it, jumped back and bam...yup nailed it.
I have never been an accident prone person. Until the last year. Interesting...I take up you think there's a connection?

Gardeningbren said...

You are funny!! Sorry about your bruise though, it is a big one.

As for the pallet, did you read on Niki's blog they are using them to make verticle gardens for small spaces. Quite clever I thought.

Erin said...

I saw that too. I have found that the best place to find them is behind stores. Do ask though as sometimes they have a deposit on them and they need to be returned. Usually they give them to me though.