Monday, September 23, 2013

Reviving the Meyer Lemon.

Not that long ago, I thought I had very little chance of bringing the Meyer lemon through another winter alive. The leaves were a bright yellow. Hardly a blush of green at all. I thought, 'I have nothing to lose, let's just pour on an insane amount of Liquid Seaweed Fertilizer'. I did a large dose once a week and to be honest, sometimes twice a week. Slowly it began to turn green. And I even saw a few flower buds. Well, today I did an up close peruse..I'll be is covered with flower buds. I should end up with lots of lemons. Maybe not quite the 33 I got last year, but it looks like lots. And the lime is covered with little limes. 

They will need to go back into the greenhouse soon. November 5th is Sidney's first expected frost day, so to be safe I'll move them {and all the other delicate plants} in around October 15th. 


Joan said...

Looks like your efforts paid off! Good for you!

Gardeningbren said...

How lovely to have Meyer Lemons and how wonderful you brought it back from the brink with your fertilizing. Excellent!

Erin said...

Oh thank you both! I am really pleased that I was able to save this wonderful tree.