Saturday, October 11, 2014

Back to Eden Garden...Part 5...finishing wood chips and the top layerof manure

And another day of yard work begins

I dropped my rake to take this picture. I didn't noticed that the rake was in the picture. It's an old relic and workhorse. A bit like me!! 

When the manure hit the ground, it would burst into a puff of steam. It was like having a 'Poop Steam Facial'. Warming and opened the pores. Nice. (You know you're a farmer when...)

Allan levelling and lining up patio pavers. He then replaced a section of downspout. 

Look at the manure covered driveway. And someone gifted me that incredible yellow shovel!! The best shovel ever. Thank you Mark. 

And after! I washed the driveway twice. It sure looks better. That yellow shovel was a godsend!

Manure all levelled. 

Manure and downspouts.

I cleaned the area and set it up like a proper little patio. Washed the debris off of the chairs. I want little pockets of 'normal' for the kids.

How beautiful is that little farm.

What you can't see....the top layer of horse manure is about 3 weeks old so very ripe. The sun came out and warmed up the wet manure. There was quite an aroma. So much so that we are swarming with flies. Check out this little grouping of flies. 

Sorry about that neighbours. Happy Thanksgiving.  

Cleaned up the wood chips and then sifted them with my hands. I spread the finer chips on the mucky areas of the lawn. The bit of rain we had made a big difference in how the machines act on the lawn. 

After a bit of rain all this will look wonderful. The lawn will come back. Probably a lot thicker and greener. 

So the backbreaking part of the garden comes to an end. I will be able to work at my own pace now. One step at a time. I will be blogging all the stages of the garden. I can already see it all green and growing, paths, fruit trees, the citrus house.....a thing of beauty. 

A special thank you to Mark Benson who kept me on track and moved a massive amount of material with his lovely machines. You made this possible my friend. It would have taken me years and years... 
If you are on the Saanich Peninsula and want help building your own Back to Eden garden or any garden, leave a comment and I'll put you in touch with Mark or you can find him here:

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