Thursday, October 09, 2014

I just realized this very minute what is missing in the yard next door.

We have been digging with machinery and by hand for a week nonstop next door. I have not seen one single earth worm. Not one. My yard right next door is full of them. But we have been vegetable gardening (organically of course) for four seasons now, and the number of worms now compared to when I started, is huge. And they are a lot bigger. It sure shows you how the environment improves with organic gardening.

Update: I read up on the lack of worms. Worms can only live in a soil with organic matter. I would say there was zero organic matter. Yesterday, October 19th, I was planting over there and found lots of them!! Already.


Powell River Books said...

I was digging in one of my planting barrels and found an earthworm. How he got there I'll never know. My soil either came from forest compost or peat and manure from the nursery. - Margy

Caro said...

That's very true, Erin but with all the manure that you've spread over the garden, once the soil is damp, the worms will come. I had a big pile of green waste compost from a friend; it was so dry in parts but after leaving it over winter and with all the rain, it was teeming with little brandling worms by spring. Nature is aMaZiNg!!