Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Look at all the new leaves on the citrus trees!

I am so thrilled at the progress my citrus trees are making. Look at the new lovely green leaves. There are hundreds of them. Up until now, the few new leaves I would get, were pale green soon to fade to yellow. Now I am throwing everything I have at it. I spend at least ten minutes a day looking them over carefully. I find about 2-3 tiny baby scales per day and scrape and squash them. I look under leaves for spider mites and will again spray as soon as I see any. I spray the leaves top and bottom whenever I water the trees. As well I gave them Jobes Fruit Tree and Citrus spikes. I had let things get totally out of control and it took sulphur spray and horticultural oil to kill the massive scale infestation. I am an organic gardener, so I have done things with these trees I normally would not do. But I want to get them healthy and strong and then switch to completely organic after that. 


Joyce said...

How was your fall gold raspberry holding up?

Erin said...

Hi Joyce. Good question.
I find the Fall Gold Raspberry does not do well here. It seems to ripen so late that they get mildewy before they ripen. Very small as well. I have a patch of Cascade Delight that I put in last year and the berries were huge and beautiful. I think I am going to remove the Fall Golds. ☹️

Mark Willis said...

Hi Erin; I'm leaving this comment just to see if it works! I confess that I have not been commenting much on any blogs for quite a while now. Last year I "lost my mojo" in a big way and nearly stopped blogging altogether... :(