Monday, June 27, 2011

Now I'm convinced time really is speeding up.

Today I met my sister for 'lunch'. I asked her if we could do a run to our local feed store Buckerfields first. I hadn't been there in at least ten years. We had chickens back in the early 80's in our backyard, so we were there a lot. My purpose for this little journey, was diatomaceous earth for slug prevention. My neighbor Barb told me that they have it in bulk much cheaper then the packaged stuff. She was right. I can't find the receipt, but I think it was $3.99 a kilo? I also found a healthy little variegated lemon thyme. I meant to get a half bale of straw for $8.99 but I got into a conversation with Travis who is a beekeeper. They just installed two nucs in the back area of the warehouse. I have been wondering where to get local info on beekeeping. He said he'd help me get started. Oh yeah, BEES. I Love them.

I stopped at Marigold Nursery to get more of the plant labels Mom got me and I couldn't resist getting another strawberry plant. I found a Berries Galore that was covered with berries and had three good sized runners.

I thought I'd killed my rhubarb. I lifted the only leaf to see if there were anymore coming up and I snapped it off. A friend had offered me a division of hers, but this morning I saw two little new leaves coming up.

So, back to the Disruption of the time-space continuum. I was certain we got home about three o'clock. My sister had turned down a coffee at White Spot. She said 'I have to go to bed in a few hours.' I thought that was one of the oddest/funniest things she's ever said. Still not cluing in. We left shortly after and I got home at 5:30. Now I know something is happening to time. People who come to the store tell me time is speeding up. I'm a believer!!

My big project for the weekend was cleaning out the greenhouse. My poor neglected, sad little greenhouse. I had NO idea how much work it was going to be. It took me almost three hours to clean out the channels around the edge and hose out all the 'crap'. Slugs. Blech. I am so happy it's done. It looks wonderful. Everything is wet, so all my tools etc are lying on the bench drying. I now have two plants I need to find homes for. They basically took up about half, or more, of the greenhouse. A Norfolk Pine about five by five feet. The Jade Plant from the old store. It was for our feng shui. I have severely cut it back so once it grows back (about six weeks) I may even take it into the store and sell it. I have a large baby I took from it that I have taken in for the store's feng shui.

Planted the thyme and strawberry. Life is good.

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