Monday, June 13, 2011

Ruthless in Sidney

French Sorrel
One of my newly planted tomatoes had a bit of leaf curl and funny colored leaves. It could actually be that it was hit with some vinegar while I was killing weeds. It was in close proximity to some buttercups I was attacking. Oh by the way, buttercups are really easy to kill with vinegar. Grass, not so much. Excellent. I digress. I wasn't taking any chances with my other tomatoes, so....yanked it right out. My mother brought me a nice big Early Girl yesterday as a gift for the BBQ we were throwing for the family birthdays this month. So...
I dug up the last plants in my Hawaii garden in the greenhouse and topped up the garden with compost. Early Girl has a beautiful spot in the greenhouse.

I am still trying to sort out which of my tomatoes are Determinate and which are Indeterminate. Until I bought Zero-Mile Diet by Carolyn Herriot, I had no idea there was any difference. You plucked the side shoots off tomatoes...period. I stand corrected.

I noticed that there were a lot of snowberry bushes growing right up against the back of the greenhouse onto the roof creating shade. My loppers came out and I ventured into the thicket and started hacking. Wow did that make a difference. I'm going to get Allan to borrow a chainsaw and take the bushes down to about 4 feet and let them start again. They are at about 8-10 feet right now.

I planted the French Sorrel in a hole with compost. I can't wait to have some in sandwiches. It is a wonderful herb that lasts long into the fall. I'm going to try Sorrel soup when I have lots of it.

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