Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Record breaking dill!!!

I planted a new variety of dill this year. A mammoth variety. They are in the same bed I grew them last year with dismal results. They just never grew. This years results are better. They are green this year!! See above. They are however, about the same size. Here is the above plant with my little camera case. They have been in the ground for about two months.

Oh, and sorry about that whole record breaking thing...I just haven't seen full grown dill this small before.


Joan said...

LOL! Record breaking dill! You got me. On a serious note though, I wonder why they didn't grow? Dill usually grows like a weed. Kind of strange.

Erin said...

Isn't it just the saddest little thing. What i didn't mention was, this dill is the largest in the bed. I really don't know why it wont grow. Weird. I have put a row in a different bed. It is catching up fast.