Monday, June 15, 2015

Lime tree transplanted

Because of the Bindweed, the citrus house has been delayed. There is no point putting the citrus in the ground within a new greenhouse, if Bindweed will be all over in there. In the meantime, the poor lime tree hadn't been transplanted when it should have been because it was going in the ground soon. So now it has been done. Much bigger pot. Some bone meal. And over into the shady-ish part of the yard to settle in for a couple of days. It has been extremely hot the past couple days and that is hard on new transplants. I finally got the tomatoes planted, but I'm watching them like a hawk for wilting.
Did you know that when a lime is ripe it turns yellow? I just read that the other day. As is typical, they are picked before they are ripe as are all fruit and veggies. I will take pictures when I cut one open. I bet it's pretty with the yellow skin and soft green on the inside.


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