Friday, June 19, 2015

The seed is planted (so to speak)..I am creating a small food forest

I recently saw these pictures on the blog Northwest Edible Life.

I had been grappling with my back yard. I have some raised beds and quite a few fruit trees. And lots of wood chips. LOTS. I know the trees are immature and it will look a lot greener when they grow up, but there just wasn't enough green. See what I mean!? 

Then I saw Erica's garden pictures above. FOOD FOREST!! I spent Easter weekend 2014 at a permaculture/food forest class. It was inspirational. I have limited room, so I banked all the knowledge for another time. And then I saw the pictures. Erica did it all in a small space, so could I. This whole area made sense. So I have some Honeyberries, black gooseberries, a black currant and lots of Alpine Strawberries. Just enough to start things off. Today I started roughing in the pathways. Let the Food Forest commence. 

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